A trip to San Miguel de Allende

One day, we traveled to the city of San Miguel de Allende. It was not a pleasure trip. It was a business trip. I had something specific in mind that I had seen and I wanted one for a sample for La Bodega Imports. I needed to check if I could source it in a large enough quantity.
Four hours of riding in the car with a takeout coffee and peanuts and (successfully) shopping for a couple of hours had left the three of us, George and I and our friend/driver/Spanish teacher Daniel, very hungry!
We were returning to the car, planning a fast taco when we saw a sign for a Cuban restaurant at the back of an alley across from the main plaza.
Passing the gold and silver pawn stand on the right, the Mary Kay cosmetics table on the left, and a parked motorcycle we turned left,
 The door opened onto a sunny, luscious, plant-filled, open air restaurant with the towering spire of the local cathedral overlooking the courtyard.
We sat quietly for an hour, enjoying a cold beer and a meal prepared with great care. We talked with the chef/owner who had just recently opened the restaurant and reveled in our good luck to find such a peaceful oasis.
It was a respite in a very busy, very tiring (we still had a four hour drive ahead of us!) yet exhilarating day.
I would dearly love to return to San Miguel and spend some calmer time absorbing the culture of an area filled with  Artisans. One of our suppliers had told us that at one time there were over 5,000 Artisans in San Miguel and that now there are only 500. The rest have gone to the city to work.