Why I Love Mexico!

  I am reminded each time I return to this country of Mexico what it is that I love about it.     

Don’t get me wrong! I love Canada. I am a Canadian.  I love Mexico, too.     

We have been here 48 hours and I am smitten again. I have been welcomed with open arms.     

I have been  lovingly embraced by friends – from numerous countries – I thought had forgotten me.     

We have been offered a place to stay!     

We have walked for hours on end and discussed in English and in Spanish all sorts of world and local events.     

The poverty, the abundance, the joy, the sadness – all expressed “en voz alta” out loud!     

The colours continue to be glorious, the sun brilliant, the sea turquoise and calm. The salt heals.     

We are blessed to be a part of this loving energy.