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The  “Dia de Los Muertos” (The Day of the Dead) is a holiday in Mexico for remembering and honouring those who have passed.  It is a festive,  joyous time of celebration on the 2nd of November  each year.

On this day, it is  believed that the veil between heaven and earth is at its most transparent.  Often, an altar  (oferta) is created in the home to welcome the departed with marigolds to guide the spirits to their alters using their vibrant colours and scent, water for their thirst, candles for light to guide the way, copal incense to clear out negative spirits, the favourite food and drink of the loved one and calaveras (skulls) made of clay, chocolate or sugar.

Mexicans keep death (and by extension their deceased loved ones) close, treating it with familiarity — even hospitality — instead of dread. At La Bodega Imports, we like to celebrate a little bit of Mexican culture!

The calaveras (clay skulls) are hand crafted and hand painted, each one is completely different. We have yet to find 2 that are identical! The skulls with  brilliant colours  feature birds and flowers intricately painted onto a black or coloured background.

Others are black with a white design or white with a black one. Once again, each one is completely different. These depict a village scene painted on the skull of a joyful celebration   – a bullfight, a wedding, planting, harvesting.

The Calavera Catrina is usually depicted as a tall, elegantly attired female skeleton with an extravagantly plumed hat. She also symbolizes the joy of life in the face of its inevitable end. This icon of Mexican Pop Art  (and her companion Catrin) has a long history in Mexico that dates back more than 150 years.

Our Catrinas  and Catrins are lovingly handmade in Mexico from paper mache. Some of the intricate details are astounding and the work that is involved requires much patience.  Imelda, the creator of these pieces, works in her private “taller” (workshop) to create these unique and beautiful pieces.

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 Also available at La Bodega Imports is traditional copal incense made from all natural ingredients as well as tiny dioramas of Day of The Dead activities and skull magnets.

Come visit us at 955 Portage Ave. across from De Luca’s.