Copper, Tin, & Steel Art

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At La Bodega Imports, we have an amazing variety of metal wall art (including mirrors) for both indoors and out many created from tin.  A particular art is cutting tin into shapes of geckos, butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, fish, owls or bees. Copper is then melted and dropped onto these items to give them colour and depth or they are painted by hand. They can be placed outside or indoors to add interest to your decor. Painted tin is also available as Mexican folk art mermaids and trees of life. 

To create the very traditional tin mirrors,  sheets of tin are formed into mirror frames and the tin is carefully worked by hand. The process is one of tapping the pattern into the tin – an art that has been passed down for generations. Each piece is meticulously crafted by Artisans using designs unique to each family. These beautiful and unique tin mirrors add style  and colour. Elegant or whimsical, they will add your personal style to any room.

Other Artisans create from steel and mixed metals to make attractive, durable, unique pieces of art for your home or garden. Suns, moons, kokopelis, aquariums and many more unique pieces of Mexican folk art are available.

Many of our Mexican folk art pieces are created by Alejandro, an artist working in steel. Just a few cuts creates a piece of art with beauty and character.

“I create each piece with my passion for drawing, and seeing the finished work fills me with satisfaction. I am very strict with quality because I’m very demanding in my work. I’m a perfectionist, and demand a great deal of myself because I love to watch people’s faces, see their smiles when they see my work.”

Each steel piece is cut, then hammered. It is painted with brilliantly coloured automotive paint. This creates a durable piece of art – simple yet elegant – that can be displayed indoors to add colour to your home or outdoors, 12 months a year, to add interest to your garden, pool or patio.


Beautiful tin  hanging pendant lights are also very typical  Mexican folk art. They create a soft mood light wherever they are placed. Especially in the dark, they give off an amazing display of diffused light.The tin hanging pendant lights are made by Artisans in a workshop above a tiny store. The tin is hand punched, formed, assembled and coated to resemble a copper colour. Each hanging pendant light even has a door to allow access for changing the light bulb.


The tin stars give off varying amounts of light according to how many “beaks” they have. At La Bodega Imports, we have them with 12 beaks and coloured marbles, with 18 beaks and with 32 beaks. Each style comes in 3 different sizes.  They are all handcrafted from tin that is “punched” to allow the light to emerge in different patterns.  You have to see these very Mexican lights to appreciate their beauty!  

Prices start at $49.




a shining tin mirror in your entrance,

a brilliantly coloured peacock on your garden fence,

a smiling wind blown woman on the front of your house,

a painted tin mirror reflecting in your bathroom or bedroom,

a shy mermaid on the fence beside your pool,

a school of metal fish beside your hot tub,

gentle dragonflies adorning the wall of your sun room,

a tin and copper aquarium on your bathroom wall,

a steel kokopeli bringing luck to your home or

an amazing 3D oak tree above your fireplace,

a pendant light hanging over your dining table,

a beautiful tin glow in your gazebo,

a star on a side table shining in your living area,

mood lighting for your bedroom,

a welcoming light in the entrance to your cabin or

a gentle light in your front porch.


All of these wonderful pieces of Mexican folk art (and more) created by very talented and proud Artisans in Mexico are available at La Bodega Imports 955 Portage Ave. in Winnipeg.

All of the items in this section are uniquely created and may differ slightly in size, colour or design from those pictured.

Prices & details subject to change.