Day of the Dead – a Mexican Celebration

Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the celebration for this time of year is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).It is an important National holiday. Mexicans, it seems, view death differently than we do. They  react to death with mourning along with happiness and joy. On November 1st to the 2nd, it is believed that the spirit of the dead visit their families and these spirits are celebrated. The families create altars in their homes to honor the departed. To decorate, they use brightly coloured marigolds, candles, pan de muertos (bread of the dead), photos of the deceased, sugar skulls (with the name of the loved one written on them), and favorite items of the deceased such as a favorite toy of a child, a plate of enchiladas, a favorite bottle of tequila or the preferred brand of cigarettes for a smoker.The family and friends may also visit and decorate the gravesites of their loved ones, bringing picnics and drink and play music and dance to honour their loved ones.

Death is a celebration in Mexico.