Talavera Servingware



TALAVERA Servingware


Talavera servingware is very traditionally Mexican. The bright blues, greens, reds and yellows are reminiscent of vibrant flowers and sunshine. They add a spectacular coloured focus to any kitchen or table.


All of the brightly coloured serving ware at La Bodega Imports is made with an ancient process used in Mexico since the 16th century. Up to ten Artisans are involved in the making of each dish. Clay is mixed with the special talavera clay gathered from the nearby hills. This creates a mixture which is poured into a mould, formed and dried.  It is then fired at 1,005C in a huge gas fired kiln. After being  hand painted by an Artisan in the workshop, it is again fired and the previously pastel colours become the amazingly bright colours seen in the very traditional designs of the serving ware.


This talavera pottery is made in a taller (a workshop) in central Mexico. The building is located in a rural area  down several very bumpy roads past the cows!  One needs to have directions  we have been lost several times! The owner is very proud of the work he does and rightly so, it is spectacular! His (grown) daughter is one of the Artisans working there, painting the bowls and trays.



a brightly coloured bowl full of  fruit on your kitchen counter,

a round 6 piece servingware dish piled with nachos and dip,

a flat, rectangular dish full of pickles and olives,

  a bright oval platter full of meats and cheeses,

various sized bowls with a variety of tasty salsas,

a bright water pitcher in the middle of the table,

a square bowl filled with snacks or

a colourful salt shaker on your table.


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