Clay Fire Pits (Chimineas)




The same artisans who create the terra cottta pots also fashion clay fire pits (chimineas).

These are also made by hand from the mixing of the clay (often by foot!) to the rolling (with a rolling pin!) to the forming and the drying. Each fire pit is then placed in a wood fired brick kiln for 10-12 hours. The kiln is bricked in by hand after the chimineas are placed inside! They are then air dried, surrounded by supporting metal and painted in interesting colours – blues, greens, reds and gold.


  • a fire glowing in the evening in your backyard,
  • sitting around roasting marshmallows,
  • warmth emanating on your deck on a cool fall evening,
  • warming beside the pool after a swim,
  • relaxing with your family in front of a fire,
  • watching candles flicker indoors in your chiminea,
  • enjoying a drink with friends at the cottage or
  • quietly sitting on your deck with a good book and a cozy fire.

The care of your clay fire pit (chiminea) is important. Sand is placed in the bottom of the fire pit up to the lip of the opening. The fire is built on the sand. While burning, the bottom of the chiminea is cool but the sides and stack are hot and emanate a great deal of heat. It is important to start with small fires to season the clay and ensure it is completely dry. For winter storage, it is important to keep the chiminea DRY – clay absorbs water, water freezes and expands.

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These fire pits come in a variety of sizes and colours for warmth on your deck, in your garden, at the cottage or (with candles) in your home. Priced from $149 to $325 to $795 for a 7 foot centrepiece! they offer a unique focal point.

All of these wonderful pieces of Clay Fire Pits  (and more) created by very talented and proud Artisans in Mexico are available at La Bodega Imports 955 Portage Ave. in Winnipeg.