Painted Terracotta Pots




The colourful, hand painted terracotta pots at La Bodega Imports are so amazing it will be difficult to choose just the right piece for you home and garden. They are without a doubt our most popular item. Customers love the colour in their gardens, at the cottage, in the sun room, beside the fireplace and on the deck.


The making of terracotta pottery has had a long tradition in Mexico. The abundance of clay makes it a natural for artistic creation. From the mixing of the clay (often by foot!) to the rolling (with a rolling pin!), the forming and the the drying, each step is carefully executed by hand. Each item is then placed in a wood fired brick kiln for 10-12 hours.


Our customers love their planters and often share their ideas through photos. They return and build their creationsfairy gardens, balcony gardens, poolside gardens, cottage decks, gazebos, porches and vegetable gardens.


These lovely terracotta pots are priced from $22 to $159.


Outdoors, IMAGINE


a pot with all of your herbs draped just outside the kitchen door,

colourful flowers flowing from a pot or 2 or 3 to create that lush, abundant garden right there on your deck.

an entire strawberry garden in a strawberry pot,

an adorable clay pig hiding in the garden,a terracotta pot turtle with flowers on your front porch,

your balcony covered in colourful pots, flowers and pots,

a fish planter by the pool or

a set of 3 up the stairs to your front door.


Indoors, IMAGINE

a piece beside the fireplace,

one holding that favourite plant in the dining room,

planted with succulents on your side table,

a turtle with glass mosaic,

or as a base for a glass end table.



The only limit is your imagination!


Most are available year round from La Bodega Imports 955 Portage Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Prices & details subject to change.