Decorative Glass






The decorative glass available at La Bodega Imports is also made from recycled glass. It is Artisan made and will often vary slightly in size or weight. The colours of these pieces add such sparkle to your home, cottage, patio, deck or garden.

All of the glassware at La Bodega Imports (your Mexican source for home decor Winnipeg) is made very near Guadalajara. It is hand made from recycled glass. Bags of broken, used glass can be seen being unloaded from trucks – like bags of cement.

The coloured glass drops in particular are interesting to watch being made. A ball of molten glass is taken from the furnace at the end of a pole, it is “dropped” to create the stem and cut to the approximate length. An eye for hanging is then created and the glass is cooled in this drop shape. Coloured glass particles are then added for a variety of colours.

Simply unique!


These decorative items – hearts, drops, coloured bottles, mirrored balls – also come from family owned businesses. The Grandmother, Mother and Son have all been very helpful when selecting items for La Bodega Imports. The Artisans have even requested that we share photos with their families when email is not available to them.


a red glass heart gifted to a friend to show you care,

a rainbow of coloured glass drops hanging in your window,

a mirrored gazing ball sparkling in your garden,

a ball of bright mirrored glass shining on your mantle or desk,

bright pink bottles filled with your favourite bath salts,

a shelf of coloured glass bottles in front of your kitchen window,

these same bottles with assorted oils on the counter, or

a trio of mirrored balls on your end table.

These Mexican glass accessories make perfect gifts for a friend or for yourself. Check them out at your Mexican source for home decor  Winnipeg La Bodega Imports 955 Portage Ave.