Decorative Mexican Pottery

Decorative Mexican Pottery


Decorative  Mexican Pottery


Many of the Mexican pottery pieces available at La Bodega Imports are more decorative in nature. They are created by the same Artisans who make the pots but like to make fun pieces as well. The clay pigs, clay owls and clay turtles are very popular as planters or simply as garden decor. They are colourfully painted and add some fun to any garden, porch or deck. One of our friend’s dogs tries to play with her clay pig every morning!


Some of these Artisans have had their skills and knowledge of making Mexican Pottery passed down for generations. We originally worked with the grandfather of one young man who creates pieces of black pottery. Another shared a painting session where his wife and daughter were laughing and working together painting the clay and metal suns. One of the Artisans has died since we knew him but his wife and his nephew continue to sell his art. The work involved in creating these pieces is inspiring and again, all by hand.



a clay pig tucked in the corner of your garden,

a sculpted piece of black pottery on your fireplace,

a fun mini fire pit (chiminea) on your deck,

colourful jalapeno or habanero chili peppers hanging in your kitchen,

plants in a trio of fish plant pots on your steps,

cool water dispensed from a vibrant jug,

a clay circle of friends on your deck,

a string of multicoloured hanging clay mini pots in your kitchen,

a clay owl with candle light shining or

a turtle with a plant in your gazebo.


The customers of La Bodega have very much enjoyed using these many fun Mexican pottery pieces in their homes and gardens. See these and many more interesting pieces of art at La Bodega Imports 955 Portage Ave. at Lipton St. across from De Luca’s